The Difference Between Wax Melter, Wax Warmer and Wax Burner

Wax warmers, melters and burners, though similar in names (and often mistakenly used as synonyms), perform different functions and are used in various settings. Let’s explore their unique functionalities and learn how to use each device.

Wax Warmers: Aromatherapy and Cosmetic Applications

Wax warmers serve a dual role, encompassing both the world of aromatherapy and the sphere of cosmetic procedures. On one hand, they are instrumental in creating a serene ambiance, gently heating scented wax to release a calming fragrance into the environment. This allows for a tranquil aromatherapy session, as the warmer does not destroy the wax but instead enables it to solidify again for repeated use.

On the other hand, wax warmers also find utility in cosmetic practices, particularly in the field of depilation. They serve to gently melt specialized wax used in hair removal treatments, maintaining it at the optimal consistency and temperature for a safe and effective procedure.

Wax warmer

To use a wax warmer for aromatherapy, place a wax melt or tart in the dish and activate the device. The wax will slowly melt, diffusing the scent throughout the room. If you’re using it for depilation, place the depilatory wax into the warmer and allow it to reach the desired consistency. Ensure to follow the wax manufacturer’s instructions for safe and effective use. Whether creating an aromatic sanctuary or prepping for a cosmetic procedure, wax warmers prove to be versatile devices.

Wax Burners: The Rapid Aroma Solution

Wax burners, while similar in function to wax warmers, are designed to burn the wax rather than just melt it. They offer a quick, intense release of fragrance. However, this rapid process typically leads to the complete evaporation of the wax.

To use a wax burner, you place the wax in the dish and light the candle beneath it (for models that use a naked flame). The intense heat will burn the wax, filling the room with scent. Remember to never leave a burning wax burner unattended.

Wax burner

Like warmers, wax burners also serve as decorative pieces. However, their additional use is limited due to the high-heat operation.

Wax Melters: The Candle Maker’s Essential

Wax melters function in a distinctly different realm – candle making. Unlike warmers and burners, wax melters’ main purpose is to fully liquefy large amounts of wax to create new candles. They’re designed with temperature control to maintain the wax at a suitable consistency for molding.

To use a wax melter, you place the wax in the melter and set the desired temperature. The melter will heat the wax until it’s fully liquefied. You can then pour the liquid wax into your candle molds.

Wax melter for candle-making

In addition to candle making, wax melters can also be used in crafting projects that require melted wax, like wax seal stamping.


Wax WarmerWax BurnerWax Melter
Main UseAromatherapy, CosmeticAromatherapyCandle Making
Additional UseDecorative Piece, Essential Oil WarmerDecorative PieceCrafting
TypesElectric, Tea lightFlame-basedElectric with Temperature Control


While wax warmers, burners, and melters all interact with wax, they do so for distinct purposes and in unique ways:

  • wax warmers gently melt wax for fragrance release, or used in depilation;
  • wax burners evaporate the wax for a more intense aroma;
  • wax melters fully liquefy wax for crafting and candle making.

By understanding these differences, you can choose the device best suited to your needs.


Can I use regular candles in a wax warmer or burner?

No, regular candles aren’t designed for use in a wax warmer or burner. These devices are specifically meant for wax melts or tarts, which are scented pieces of wax without wicks. Regular candles could potentially cause a mess or damage the device.

How often do I need to change the wax in a wax warmer?

The frequency of changing wax depends on how often you use the warmer and the quality of the wax melts. Typically, a wax melt can last up to 10 hours. Once you notice the fragrance is fading, it’s time to change the wax.

Can I mix different scented wax?

Yes, you can mix different scented wax melts to create custom fragrances. It’s a fun way to experiment with different scent combinations. However, be careful not to overload the warmer or burner with too much wax.

Are there any safety concerns when using a wax melter?

Safety is crucial when using a wax melter. As they deal with high temperatures, it’s important to handle them carefully to avoid burns. Never leave a wax warmer unattended while in use, and ensure it’s out of reach from children and pets.

Can I use a wax melter for aromatherapy?

Wax melters are primarily designed for melting large amounts of wax for crafting and candle making, not for aromatherapy. Wax warmers and burners are more suitable for aromatherapy purposes.