How to Fix a Broken Candle: Simple Guide

Have you noticed that candles are becoming increasingly popular? So many people use it but don’t know why it breaks down. If a candle breaks (i.e., if the wick burns out), then the wick is usually cut off, and the remaining part of the candle is in half. Either way, the candle holders aren’t necessarily rendered useless if they’re not used for their intended purpose. That’s why we’ll help you fix a broken candle, so you don’t have to spend another one.

Candles can be in three different ways:

  • The wick can be cut.
  • The candle can be divided into two parts.
  • The entire candle can be split into multiple pieces.

Even if the candle doesn’t work, it’s still not acceptable to use it. You can repair broken candle wicks by using different ways. However, the most commonly used method for doing so is to use lighter/hot water instead.

As the candle gets shorter, it becomes more likely for it to fall apart. If you want to restore a damaged taper candle to its original beauty, you can do so. But it will never be as lovely as it was before the injury. So if you’re having trouble fixing your broken candle, here are some things to consider.

How to Fix a Broken Candle If the Wicks Are Cut Off?

Step 1

Put a small saucepan or pan half full of hot water on a stove and turn the heat up to high. When the water reaches its boiling point, it has reached its maximum temperature. But it’s okay because most wax candies can be melted at 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 2

Dip the ends of the broken candle into the melted wax until the wax begins melting. To melt wax faster, you need to heat it up for shorter periods. Longer periods of heating may be needed to melt thicker wax. Don’t let the wax melt too far down into the wick because just the very end needs to be melted.

Step 3

Keep the pieces together in the same order they were before they went into the water. Hold it together before blowing it straight out for at least 30 seconds to prevent your hair from breaking into small pieces when blow-dying it.

How to Fix a Broken Candle If the Wicks Are Cut Off

However, it will still be safe enough to be placed down even if done gently. To figure out how long it takes for candle wax to dry, you need to know how thin the wax is. Most candles require only a few minutes to burn down.

How to Fix a Broken Candle If the Candle Is Cracked, But the Wick Is Unbroken?

Step 1

Place some newspapers or old cloth on a table. Then, hold the lighter right side up on the countertop, so the flame faces away from yourself. Next, hold the fabric sections together with your right hand, and then fold back toward each other.

Step 2

Bend the top piece of the tube back so that you can clearly see the two broken ends. To melt the wax by heating it up, keep the flame on the side for a few seconds. Then move it back and forth so that it melts. It shouldn’t take much time at all.

Step 3

When the wax melts (or when it becomes liquid), put down the lighter and let it cool. Then, hold the two pieces of paper together with both of your palms. Try whatever method works best for your situation. Do this for about thirty seconds.

How to Fix a Broken Tapered Candle?

Step 1

Melt some wax in a double boiler or in a wax melter. Let it cool. If you have a damaged wax candle, melt some beeswax first. And if you have a cracked paraffin candle, put it into a bowl.

To create a scented candle that complements your room, you don’t need any color or aroma. You just need to use fragrance oil. After that, it’s entirely up to you. If you want to avoid dripping wax on anything when melting it, put the melted wax on a sheet of wax paper, an older newspaper, or a piece of baking parchment paper.

Step 2

Dip your brush into the hot wax and apply some to your cracked lips. Once the wax has been poured into the mold, you should work quickly so that it doesn’t harden too much before you’re ready to take it out. Next, keep applying wax until there is no longer any wax left on the candle.

How to Fix a Broken Tapered Candle

Put the two candle pieces together so that they don’t fall apart at any point. Don’t worry about the dirtiness of the candles outside. Instead, please wait for the candle to cool down before relighting it.

Step 3

Candles should be strong enough to be used in candleholders. Then carefully put it into a candleholder. If it breaks during surgery, repeat these three steps one more time.

Step 4

Remove the candle from its holder. Before lighting a candle, use a small, sharp knife (or a credit card) to scrape away any wax that may be stuck to the bottom of the candle. After that, gently rub it using an old, clean towel to remove any remaining dirt.

Step 5

Blow it out before using it so that it doesn’t crack. Using the heat gun too often will cause the wax to drip out. If you don’t have a heat gun, a hand­held hair drier will be enough.

Step 6

Dip the end of the candle into the melted wax. You can melt the candle wax in a pan. However, you don’t necessarily need a double-boiler for this purpose. The container must be big enough to hold the candle but not too big that it would spill out of it.

Heat the wax to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Check it regularly to ensure that the candy thermometer stays at a safe temperature of less than 140°F (60°C). Use your heat gun (or hot water bottle) to melt the wax to speed up the melting process. Hold the candle in the melted wax for three seconds. This method works best if the candle has been lit for at least an hour.

If the taper match is half of a pair, then the taper match must be twice as long. To ensure that both halves match each other, dip them in hot tap water. Please wait until the wax has cooled before using it.


How do you fix broken wax?

You can melt the wax and then re-solidify it. However, the best way to fix your wax is to heat up some wax until it drips. Bar wax works best for this purpose. After that, put some wax in the gap between the two pieces.

Can you glue a candle back together?

As the candle gets thinner, the greater the likelihood that it will break into two parts, still connected by its wick. You can repair a broken candle, but you’ll never be able to get it back to its original shape.

How do you fix a candle that only burns in the middle?

Aluminum foil is the key to quickly repairing a tunneled candle. To create a candleholder, simply wrap foil around one side of the candle, leaving a hole in the middle for the wick to burn through.

Can you microwave a candle to fix tunneling?

Don’t put your candle inside a microwave oven! It could explode! Metal wicks can be dangerous if they’re placed inside an electric oven. To avoid this problem, use wax wick candles instead.

Final Words

There are different situations when you want to fix a broken candle, and there are various ways to solve each one. However, fixing candles is fairly simple. Follow the instructions carefully and be aware of what you’re doing.

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