The Ultimate Guide to Light a Candle Without A Lighter

Lighting a candle without a lighter is not as difficult as you may think. A little bit of patience and the right tools can get your candle flickering in no time! This blog post will provide all of the information that you need to light a candle without using any fire. If this sounds like something that interests you, then read on for some helpful tips!


Matches are the most traditional way to light a candle. You can use any type of match, but wooden matches are best because they burn longer. If you want to avoid having your fingers smell like sulfur after lighting candles, then it is better to find some matches that have already been struck for you! There are mats available at just about any grocery store or convenience store near you, so check there first before resorting to buying them online or in bulk.

Heating Elements

If you’re feeling adventurous, then why not try using a heating element to light your candle? This might sound dangerous, but it is actually pretty safe! All you need for this method are some household materials that most people already have. Of course, you will also want to wear heavy-duty gloves or oven mitts while doing this just in case the metal gets too hot and decides to burn you.

Heating Elements

The handiest device will be a cooktop burner, but you may also utilize your oven, toaster, or space heater. Set the burner to high and wait until it’s red. Then touch a long, thin candle to it — a taper is preferable. The wick should catch fire right away, at which point you can use the long, thin candle to light all of your other candles in your home. You can use spaghetti or a cotton swab to make a makeshift match. If you want to light more than one candle, the spaghetti will help you. The cotton swab will be OK too, but not as good.


You can also try lighting your candle by using the stove. This is a good option if you’re looking for something really safe to do, but it may take some practice to master this method! If the surfaces in your home are made of metal or glass, then they will work well as long as they fit under all of your candles. You should be able to find one that works without any trouble at all! Start with smaller candles, so you don’t burn yourself when trying out different methods on them first. Just set them down and light them up like normal before setting larger ones around them. It’s important not to leave these unattended while burning because there is always a risk of starting an unwanted fire.

Battery and Foil

The battery and foil method of lighting a candle is simple, but it can be dangerous. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try the battery and foil method for yourself! It will just require some extra caution on your part to ensure that this gentle little experiment does not explode in your face.

You can use an AAA, AA, C, or D battery. Cut a ¾-inch strip of aluminum foil twice as long as the battery and then fold it in half before pinching the middle. Match up one end of the strip to one end of the battery. The current will quickly heat up when it passes through the aluminum strip.

Magnifying Lens

Using a magnifying lens to light candles can be tricky, but it is possible! This method of lighting your candle will require you to have access to the sun. If there’s not enough sunlight for this technique, then stick with one of the methods listed above.

How to Light a Candle Without A Lighter

Make sure that when doing this procedure outside, you place your candle over something flammable like paper, grass, or leaves before moving onto step two; otherwise, if it melts through carpeting or wood flooring, then all bets are off!

Flint and Steel

Another method that you can use to light a candle without using any fire is the flint and steel method. This one isn’t quite as complicated, but it does require some patience on your part when trying to figure out how much pressure to apply when striking the two together. A few sparks will fly once you make contact between them; however, if too many don’t come through, then try again with more force! Once the metal begins producing small red-hot embers along its surface, all of which should fall into the wick below it. If not enough falls in there for your liking or, depending on what type of candle you are lighting, simply blow until they travel down inside.


Can you use a hairdryer?

No, you cannot use a hairdryer to light your candle. This method will not work for any type of candle unless it’s made out of paraffin wax because this is the only type that melts at low temperatures like what can be produced by a standard household hairdryer!

What household items can you use to start a fire?

You can use a cotton ball, paper towel, or any other type of absorbent material to start a fire. Spaghetti is also an option if you want something long and thin that will be easier for your candle wick to catch on fire from.

How do you start a fire with nothing?

You can start a fire with nothing if you have something to focus the sun’s rays on. A magnifying lens works well, but remember that it will require some force to create enough heat for ignition, so be careful!

Useful Video: How to light a candle without a lighter or matches


There are many different ways for you to try lighting a candle without using matches. Some of these methods might sound dangerous, but they actually aren’t as long as you do them correctly.

Be sure that the first time around, either read or watch video tutorials on how to light candles before trying any of these tutorials yourself! This way, you will know what works best for you when it comes time to use fire in order to get your candle lit up. If all else fails, then just buy some matches online or at the store near where you live; however, if there is still no match available, then make sure not to give up on reading about other ways people have found helpful over time too! Who knows?

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