What is Butch Wax? Explained for Beginners

Butch Wax is a type of hair wax that was used for crew cuts and flat tops. The flat-top haircut generally had a “front row” of hair which was neatly propped across the top of the forehead. Butch wax was applied to keep that row of the hair vertically in place. Many people still use it because it doesn’t give off as much luster as modern gel does, but it has gone out of style since then.


What was Butch Wax used for?

The Butch Wax was applied to the hair on your forehead to make it stand at attention all day, defending the northern edge. In today’s language, Butch Wax would spike the hair in front.

What was Butch Wax used for

What ingredients are in Butch Wax?

It’s made with petrolatum, beeswax, microcrystalline wax, coconut oil, color, and fragrance.

How do you apply Butch Wax?

Rub it into the hair because this formula is thick, so you’ll gradually want to spread it out. Then, apply it in an upward motion, working from left to right until a thatch fence forms at the crown’s edge after closely cropped, the rounded hilltop ahead.

How do you apply Butch Wax

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Final Words

In conclusion, Butch Wax is one of the most important wax products in history. It was used for crew cuts, flat tops, and it also has modern use cases today!

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