How to Put Out a Candle with Your Fingers: A Quick Guide

Have you ever wanted to put out a candle without getting your fingers wet? This guide will show you how.

Step-by-Step Guide

First, light your candle. It should be tall, like 2 inches (5 cm). You will need to make sure that you can take your hand away quickly if it is required.

First, light your candle

After that, lick your fingers. This is an important stage in the procedure. You must remember it! Licking your fingertips causes a film of water to form on your skin, preventing it from being damaged.

Put your hand next to the flame or wick. Grab the wick and let it go. This should make the candle go out. If not, blow out your candle and make sure you shorten the wick before trying again.

How to Put Out a Candle with Your Fingers Step-by-Step Guide

With practice, you can perform this without touching your fingers. First, practice making the timings. Take care!


Will it burn my fingers?

Not if you do it right. Licking your fingers will prevent the heat from burning them and make this safer than many other methods of putting out a candle. You should always take care, however!

What happens if my fingers get burnt when putting a candle out with my fingers?

You don’t want this to happen. If your fingers get burnt, you will likely hurt yourself and feel the burn several days later. Also, this technique isn’t recommended if there are children or pets in your house, as they could also be injured by a candle getting out of control.

Does it matter how long my candle has been burning?

No, it doesn’t matter how long your candle has been burning. You can use this method on any size or lit time of candle, and the effect is the same: you will put out your candle without getting your fingers wet at all!


That’s it! That is all you need to know about how to put out a candle with your fingers. Remember the steps and follow them carefully. Take care when doing this if there are children or pets in your house as they could be injured by poor technique. Now get out there and practice putting out candles!

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