How to Make a Lotion Candle: A Simple Guide

Making a lotion candle is an easy process that can save you money. If you want to make your own lotion candles, this guide will show you how! I am going to give you some tips on what ingredients are necessary and how long it will take for the product to be fully set up. You’ll also learn about safety precautions when making these products at home. There’s no need to waste time, effort, or money buying expensive lotion candles when they’re so simple and inexpensive to make on your own!

Main Ingredients What You Need

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Shea Butter
  • Beeswax

Method 1

To make a lotion candle:

  1. Mix together Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and Beeswax. You can melt these ingredients in a wax warming stand or in the microwave.
  2. Add all of the oils and stir to combine everything.
  3. When it is melted, put the wick at the bottom of the dish.

Let it cool before you turn it 90 degrees so that it’s horizontal. That’s all there is to making a lotion candle! Blow out the flame when you want to light your candle, then wait for only 2 or 3 minutes before applying it on your skin with your hands.

Method 2

Add 1 part of Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, 2g of Beeswax to the dish. Melt everything in your wax warming stand. Add the oils you want and mix them together. You’ll need a wick at this point. We previously stated that you should use a larger one at the beginning of this section. So, place that candlewick carefully on the bottom of the mold. You may make your own candlewick or purchase one. Whatever you like and prefer most is fine. Let the mixture cool until it is completely solidified before removing your candle from its mold. You can even use after-bath lotion to make this process easier!

Be Careful with Wax

When you are making a lotion candle, be careful with melted wax at all times. Don’t let children or pets anywhere near where you’re working because they could accidentally get burned by bumping into an adult who’s using hot tools like melting pots or spoons made of metal. Make sure there aren’t any flammable objects located within three feet of your work area either since that kind of material will catch fire if it isn’t out of the way. If you’re melting your wax in a microwave, make sure there aren’t any metal objects inside it to avoid sparks and fires!

Be Careful with Wax

People should always be careful when they are working with hot items like melted wax or tools that could get too close to their skin. This is why we gave some advice for safety precautions while making lotion candles at home so people can enjoy this process without having to worry about injuring themselves. It’s not difficult; just follow our instructions, and everything will go well! The best part is that after reading through all these tips, you won’t have to spend money on expensive products anymore since you’ll know exactly how much time and effort goes into creating them yourself from scratch!


What is a lotion candle?

A lotion candle is a type of wax that you can use to moisturize your skin. You can purchase them at stores or make them yourself with the right ingredients! It’s elementary.

Why would someone want to make their own lotion candles? Is it cheaper than buying one from a store?

Making your own is more cost-effective since I exactly know what goes into these products instead of buying an expensive product without knowing how it was made. Also, homemade ones are better for sensitive skin because there aren’t any chemicals used in this process like there might be if they’re manufactured by companies who mass produce items rather than individuals making one by hand on their stovetop. Therefore, there won’t be as many chemicals to irritate your skin and cause an allergic reaction.

Can you use candle wax as a lotion?

Yes, you can. You can apply this as a lotion. We’ve already established that it is safe and made of natural ingredients.

What are the reasons to use a lotion candle?

You can use it for many reasons. You might want to give them as gifts, or you may just enjoy using this product yourself at home instead of purchasing an expensive lotion candle from the store! Either way is fine, and we hope that our handy steps will help lead you towards creating your very own homemade lotion candles without experiencing any problems.

What are the reasons to use a lotion candle

The big reason is that this lotion candle is safe. There are no dangerous chemicals in it, and it does not hurt people.

Lotion candles are good to use in your house, so you don’t get sick from them. Also, they don’t have any harmful chemicals when they burn, so you can use them even if a kid or a pet is nearby.

What wax is used for lotion candles?

Soybean wax is the best type of wax for lotion candles. It is natural, it burns slowly, and it smells good.

Useful Video: How to Make Your Own Lotion Massage Candles

Final Words

Thank you for reading this article! We hope that it has helped in some way. Please comment below if there is anything else we can improve on or what you would like to see next in our blog posts. If any of the steps are confusing, feel free to message us and ask questions so your experience with making lotion candles at home will be easier than ever before! See you soon 🙂

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