How to Get Wax Out Of Cat Hair: Easy Guide

Cats are known for their adventurous spirit and curiosity. It is no surprise that cats often find themselves in sticky situations. Literally! If you search for how to get wax out of cat fur, then your pet just returned from such an adventure.

Wax can easily get embedded in a cat’s fur and become a real problem. Fortunately, there are some straightforward solutions to this issue. This article will help you (and your pet) to remove wax from cat’s fur with easy steps and tips!

Required Gear

  • Pet clippers and a comb (for long hair)
  • A towel to lay on the floor for an easy cleanup
  • Warm water and soap, or special shampoo

How to Remove Candle Wax From a Cat’s Fur: Step-by-step Guide

First Things to Do

To begin, ensure there is no risk and that the fire has been put out. It’s conceivable that the hot wax scorched your cat’s skin. At the absolute least, she will be terrified. Next, find out what sort of wax your cat ingested.

Learn what kind of wax has coated your cat’s coat. It’s important to know if it’s paraffin, beeswax, or typical scented candle wax. Burning beeswax can be rather hot, while others are much cooler and thus less dangerous for your feline.

How to Remove Candle Wax From a Cat's Fur: Step-by-step Guide

Because beeswax burns very strongly, that candle type might be hazardous to your cat. Paraffin does not burn as intensely. This is the primary ingredient in many general public candles and tapers candles. Glass jar candles and scented wax mixtures are the coolest-melting varieties of wax and the safest option overall. Even if your cat and a wax burner came into contact with each other, look her over carefully because she could have burns on her nose or paws.

Consider your cat’s personality and temperament. Not all methods for removing candle wax are appropriate for scared cats. Remember that the circumstances may already have caused stress for your feline companion.

Removing Hardened Wax

Even if your cat gets the candle into the paraffin wax, it will stick to their hair. You might be able to pull it off after it hardens, but there will still be bits that stay on the fur and won’t come off. If you try this, your cat might need to take a bath, and they won’t like that.

While cat and dog fur are not the same, some tactics may be used on both. Fill a bowl with some of the oil and wrap a cotton ball in it. Rub the cotton ball over the waxed regions. Wet it down with oil and comb it again if necessary.

Ice is the best method to remove hardened candle wax from carpet fibers. It’s possible that it will work on your cat’s hair, too. Simply lay the ice cube on top of the wax. The ice becomes frozen and brittle as a result of this process. You should be able to squeeze the wax away with your fingers after that.

Scentsy Wax on a Cat

If your cat has gotten into a wax burner, you can use a hot washcloth to melt the wax. Leave the cloth on for a few minutes before taking it off to avoid burning your cat’s skin. You should be able to remove Scentsy wax from a cat with this method easily.

Scentsy Wax on a Cat

The major issue with this wax is that it doesn’t break down as readily as other types of candle wax. As a result, it can stay sticky, making the task much more difficult. Try softening it using a low-heat source before removing it completely or until small enough pieces remain that may be combed out. Senior Cat Wellness advises that if your cat licks off a bit of the wax while grooming, it’s OK. Small amounts of regular candle wax will do no harm when consumed.


If you shaved your cat’s fur, it will appear odd. The cut will be uneven, and your cat will look comical. You may always visit the salon to modify the style of your cat’s hair to make it appear more appealing later.

Now, concentrate on preventing it from recurring. Consider a safer location for your candles. Look for somewhere where your cat won’t be able to reach them or where they won’t fall off onto your cat or yourself.


Is candle wax poisonous to cats?

Yes, candle wax is poisonous to cats. Unfortunately, scented candles, like all candles, can be dangerous for your inquisitive pets and potentially hazardous to your house and family (in other words, your cat may knock over the candle and start or cause a fire or even set themselves on fire).

What if my cat eats wax?

The wax may ball up in the cat’s digestive tract if it consumes a large amount of wax. These can be harmful to cats and result in poisoning. So, if your cat has eaten a lot of fragrant candles and the wick, as well as the metal casing, you should contact a veterinarian immediately.

Do cats eat candles?

Candles, reed diffusers, room sprays, and even fragranced cleaning chemicals have no negative effects on cats. The amounts of exposure are extremely low and cause no harm. Unfortunately, if fragrance oil gets on the skin of a cat, it is likely to groom the fur and ingest the substance.

Final Thoughts

Candle wax is a dangerous substance for cats. It would be best if you took action quickly but gently. If your cat has gotten into the wrong thing again, don’t be too angry with it. Instead of being mad at them, try to find out what’s going on and use that knowledge next time around so you can prevent this from recurring in the future.

I hope this article has helped you understand how to get wax out of cat hair.